70th Anniversary of the CLHSA

70th Anniversary of the CLHSA

70th Anniversary Celebration of the CLHSA
over three hundred and fifty people gathered downtown Cleveland at The Silver Grille to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Cleveland Lutheran High School Association.

Guests enjoyed performances by a combined choir from Lutheran East and Lutheran West, a delicious lunch at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel's Silver Grille, and memorabilia from the CLHSA, both high schools, and the original downtown school. 

Each December, the Cleveland Lutheran Educational Endowment Fund (CLEEF) presents its Outstanding Lutheran School Leadership Award to an individual who exemplifies dedication to Christian education. This year's recipient was Rev. Dr. David Buegler, who has served in a variety of roles at the CLHSA and Association churches. On behalf of the entire Northeast Ohio Lutheran community, we thank Rev. Dr. Buegler for his many years of commitment to our schools and mentorship of our young people.

The highlight of the celebration was a keynote speech made by Ms. Lisa Fenn (Lutheran West Class of 1992). Lisa, a Cleveland native and product of Lutheran schools, found herself working at ESPN after college. She became a successful feature producer, telling the stories behind sports and athletes, and is now a six-time Emmy award winner and three-time winner of the Edward R. Murrow Award. Lisa shared her personal and professional journey, which led her down a path that she quickly realized was not the path on which she had planned, but rather the path God had laid out for her. Following a story lead, Lisa wound up back in her native Cleveland documenting the story of two young men, Dartanyon and Leroy. The boys, who attended a struggling Cleveland school, were best friends and wrestling teammates. As if their socioeconomic circumstances and challenging upbringings weren't obstacles enough, Dartanyon was legally blind and Leroy, after having been struck by a train at age 11, had had both legs amputated. Since one could not see and one could not walk, Dartanyon carried Leroy everywhere -- while Leroy gave guidance on where to go. Lisa shared the path that revealed itself to her: she was to help more than most people would or could. She was to instill in the boys the knowledge that regardless their circumstances, God cares for them deeply and knows their value in the world. She was to learn immensely from them in return. She was to become their family.

Lisa, Dartanyon, and Leroy's story is an incredible testament to the power of Christian community and trust in God's plan for us. We hope you're interested in reading more . . . Lisa's book, 'Carry On,' is available at her website here.

Mr. Chris Steinmann, Lutheran East Principal and Superintendent-Elect of the CLHSA, closed the event with a call to action, challenging guests to help "continue the race" of providing Christ-centered education in Northeast Ohio for the next 70 years and well beyond. We aim to provide a variety of methods and opportunities to give: learn more here
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