TILE (Training in Leadership for Educators)

TILE (Training in Leadership for Educators)

TILE (Training in Leadership for Educators)

TILE, a program offered in partnership by the Ohio District Office and the Cleveland Lutheran High School Association (CLHSA), aims to build capacity and preparedness for leadership in non-administrative roles in educational professionals. Those who serve in a teaching role benefit significantly from leadership training prior to taking on roles such as department head, lead teacher, committee chairperson, special project coordinator, camp/activity coordinator, mentor, and more.

Benefits of TILE training include:
»  Improved communication with administration, peer teachers, parents, and students
»  Skills in delegation, strategic planning, and setting realistic expectations & timelines
»  Increased professional confidence, leading to an increase in willingness to take on challenges
»  Networking with teacher leaders from other schools

Program Format:
»  Year-long program composed of long-term projects, scheduled discussions/groups, 3 in-person sessions
»  Session I: 3-day summer session (July)
»  Session II: 2-day session (January)
»  Session III: 1-day session (subsequent July)
»  Maximum cohort size of 20 educators
»  5 instructors
»  Each participant will be paired with an instructor mentor

Tentative Program Topics:
»  School Operations: Global Perspective
»  School Operations: Ministry Perspective
»  School Culture: Every Employee Works in Admissions
»  School Culture: Effective Internal and External Communication
»  Team Mentality: Strengthsfinder (identifying personal strengths and the strengths of team members)
»  Team Mentality: Giving and Accepting Feedback
»  Change Management: based on the teacher’s project
»  Working Effectively Alongside Administration: What does my Principal love/hate?
»  Pitfalls of Ministry: Managing the Challenges of a Professional Life in Educational Ministry

Program Components:
2021-2022 In-Person Session* Dates:

July 19-21, 2021
January 3, 2022
July 18-19, 2022

*If necessary, COVID protocols will be followed for in-person sessions.
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